Ken Hitchcock still hates goals

The Flyers are in Edmonton tonight, aaalllll the way at 9PM here on the East Coast, and the Flyers will be looking to rebound after that huge embarrassing failure in Calgary the other night. Edmonton for their part will be on the second half of a back-to-back and will be continuing to try and improve…

Homeless Vet in Alleged GoFundMe Scheme Freed Pending Trial

<br /><img src="*120/Johnny+Bobbitt.jpg&quot; align="left" hspace="5" /><br />One of the men behind an alleged scheme to scam thousands of GoFundMe donors out of more than $400,000 will remain free pending the date of his trial.<br/><br/>Photo Credit: David Swanson/The Philadelphia Inquirer from NBC Sports Philadelphia Rss Feed via IFTTT