Raiders now know where all their first-rounders fall

Raiders now know where all their first-rounders fall

Posted by Darin Gantt on January 14, 2019, 6:49 AM EST


Four more spots in the 2019 NFL Draft order were set with the weekend’s results, and the Raiders now know exactly where they’ll be making their three first-round picks.

The Eagles slotted into the 25th spot in the order after yesterday’s loss, followed by the Colts, Cowboys and Chargers.

The final four picks will go to the losers of next week’s conference championship games, then the Super Bowl loser and the champion.

And since the Cowboys traded their pick to the Raiders in the Amari Cooper deal, the Raiders are now sitting on the fourth, 24th (from the Raiders in the Khalil Mack deal), and 27th in the first round.

That’s a lot of valuable real estate for a team that doesn’t have a home at the moment, and a good start for coach Jon Gruden and new General Manager Mike Mayock to begin a long rebuild.

Here’s a look at the draft order as it stands after the divisional round games:

1. Cardinals 3-13

2. 49ers 4-12

3. Jets 4-12

4. Raiders 4-12

5. Buccaneers 5-11

6. Giants 5-11

7. Jaguars 5-11

8. Lions 6-10

9. Broncos 6-10

10. Bills 6-10

11. Bengals 6-10

12. Packers 6-9-1

13. Dolphins 7-9

14. Falcons 7-9

15. Washington 7-9

16. Panthers 7-9

17. Browns 7-8-1

18 Vikings 8-7-1

19. Titans 9-7

20. Steelers 9-6-1

21. Seahawks 10-6

22. Ravens 10-6

23. Texans 11-5

24. Raiders (via Bears 12-4)

25. Eagles 9-7

26. Colts 10-6

27. Raiders (via Cowboys 10-6)

28. Chargers 12-4

from Philadelphia Eagles – ProFootballTalk


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