Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints: A timeline of the newfound rivalry

There are several differences between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints, but the one similarity is these teams do not like each other.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints have had an ongoing rivalry for quite some time now. Now, with these two teams facing off in the NFL Divisional Round, that disdain for one another lives on.

We know these teams do not like each other, but the question remains… Why?

Well, let’s go back to last year.

Alvin Kamara voices his opinions on the Philadelphia Eagles

Out of all of the players on the Saints’ roster, running back Alvin Kamara has been the most vocal when it comes to discussing the Philadelphia Eagles.

Before the season’s opener, Kamara spoke with Bleacher Report. During an interview with them, he talked about how he felt the Saints would have had no trouble beating the Eagles in the NFC Championship.

We’d beat the s*** out of (the Eagles) cause we was rolling. If we won (against the Vikings), I knew nobody was gonna stop us cause we came all the way back

Well, Mr. Kamara, you are very mistaken. It is highly unlikely you would have beat the Eagles, let alone walked all over them. Considering the Saints could not even beat the Vikings, a team that the Eagles annihilated in the NFC Championship.

With that said, you did somewhat back up your words, based on the fact that the Saints destroyed the Eagles this regular season. However, those are two entirely different Eagles’ teams.

The rivalry intensified when the Birds met up with the Saints in Week 11 of the regular season.

The Saints run up the score, and Malcolm Jenkins is not pleased.

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The Philadelphia Eagles have had some success this season, but that success was nowhere to be seen in Week 11. The New Orleans Saints absolutely smothered the Eagles.

The Saints defeated the Birds by a score of 48-7.

If that was not bad enough, it seemed as if Saints’ head coach Sean Payton ran up the score against the Eagles.

Leading by 31 points, Drew Brees and the offense dialed up a play on fourth down. The play led to a 37-yard touchdown pass, scored by none other than Kamara.

Eagles’ safety Malcolm Jenkins was not happy, and he had some choice words for his former coach. Well, not really words. Let’s just say the Eagles were not the only bird that Payton saw that day.

It doesn’t end there. The Saints seem to be obsessed with the Eagles this year. Sure, the Eagles dislike New Orleans, but the Saints hate Philly.

Mark Ingram mouths off this time.

Last season, the Eagles donned dog masks, in an effort to show that they were viewed at as underdogs. This year, they have gone by a different mantra. Ski masks.

Towards the end of the season, which was during their hot streak, the Birds began wearing ski masks. They wear ski masks whenever a defensive player forces a turnover. It shows that they are thieves who steal from the opponents.

Well, Mark Ingram and the Saints took notice. The Saints believe the Eagles stole the idea from them. Last season, the Saints wore ski masks following victories. The difference was it was the offense, not the defense. Either way, it is pretty childish. “He took my toy,” grow up.

Here’s what Ingram had to say.

There’s been a lot of frauds out here, rocking ski mask, we got to let them know who the originals is. There’s a lot of frauds out here, want to take a picture, put on a ski masks. We the original, so just letting them know.

It does not matter how this rivalry started. The point is that it is alive and well. With everything on the line, these two teams have a chance to go at each other one more time. Who will get the upper hand in this rivalry? We will know shortly.



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