Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Nick Foles gets another SI cover, That ‘Double Doink’

We can’t stop talking about that ‘double doink’, unless, of course, we’re discussing Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

The Nick Foles legend continues to grow, and we take one last look at that ‘double doink’ (we think). It’s all here in this edition of Philadelphia Eagles Roundup.

We should go ahead and get started right?

ITI breaks the 24-hour rule again.

Okay, we get it. The Wildcard Round of the NFL PLayoffs is over, and we should stop talking about that missed field goal. After all, it’s time to start thinking about what may be the most difficult test of the Eagles’ season, a Divisional Round tilt with the New Orleans Saints.

Come on though. We all went from jubilation, following a Golden Tate go-ahead score, to the worry that came following a brilliant return. That turned to fear when the Chicago Bears found their way into field goal range. Then, there was nervousness and, then, more jubilation following what’s now being called ‘the double doink’ .

Take a look:

Clip courtesy of the NFL, NBC, and Highlight Heaven’s official YouTube page

What got lost in the moment was the fact the ball was actually tipped. What resulted was the first blocked field goal in Eagles postseason history.

That’s awesome stuff. Check out Doug Pederson in the locker room, and then, finally, we can move on.

Nick Foles’ legend continues.

Let’s get something straight. It’s time to stop talking about Foles versus Carson Wentz debates. Wentz is the franchise. Foles is already one of the greatest quarterbacks in Eagles’ history, and ‘The Birds’ can’t afford to keep both of them.

As a fan, all you can do is watch these last few moments with a guy that Philly and Eagles fans will love forever. As Foles continues to add to his legacy, Sports Illustrated decided to show a little love.

Yes, he’s made another SI cover. Take a look.

Who knows when the ride will end? Maybe it ends Sunday. Maybe it won’t, but let’s just say that Foles leads Philly to a second-straight Super Bowl title. Might the Eagles organization say goodbye to a quarterback that led them to two-straight Super Bowl titles?

It looks like that’s where things are headed, maybe.


from Inside the Iggles


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