Gritty might be running low on material, guys

In a completely haphazard, but at the very least current bit performed during a stoppage in Monday’s game between the Philadelphia Flyers and visiting St. Louis Blues, Gritty did his darnedest to let fans momentarily forget about the misery inside the rink by re-introducing the torment being experienced in another sports city.

Using the Bird Box Challenge, the online fad that has folks trying to accomplish everyday tasks blindfolded based on the new Netflix movie, the Flyers mascot predictably mocked Cody Parkey’s missed field goal for the Chicago Bears one night after the kick cost them the wild-card game versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here’s the attempt at humour:

Though he successfully mashed together two items sure to elicit a response from fans, at its core Gritty’s charade really made no sense. In fact, it was sorta a mess altogether.

The mascot literally just booted a foam football into the crowd, with no goal posts to aim at (or better, hit). Then he carefully fell over the railing because, well, he was still “blindfolded” after all.

The overnight sensation that he was, should we really be surprised that Gritty’s running low on material at the midway mark on the season?

More NHL coverage on Yahoo Sports Canada:

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