Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Dick Vermeil’s advice, A trip down memory lane

Dick Vermeil has some advice for the Philadelphia Eagles about Josh Adams. ITI has a story about Philly’s former head coach.

Here are two names that you probably never thought you’d see in the same story about the Philadelphia Eagles, their former head coach, Dick Vermeil, and that of their running back, Josh Adams.

You know tying all of this together should be pretty interesting, right?

Once upon a time in Philly…

Regardless of how you felt about what Kamu Grugier-Hill said about the Dallas Cowboys this week, if you know anything about the history of this Eagles team, you know that there’s one man who we can definitely say had no problem with it.

That man is Dick Vermeil. When you put the old thinking cap on, it’s hard to think of any Eagles coach who hated Dallas more. Maybe you can throw Buddy Ryan on the list, but even that can be debated.

Once upon a time, January 10th of 1981 to be exact, the night before the Eagles’ NFC Championship Game versus Dallas (a game that sent Philly to their first ever Super Bowl), something happened.

The story goes like this. Vermeil walked into a room to address his team one final time, and this is what he said. ‘What’s it going to take to beat the Dallas Cowboys?’ He paused and then answered his own question by saying ‘Just another 24 hours’.

Then, he left, and his team did, indeed, beat Dallas the next day.

Recently, he had some advice for ‘The Birds’ about their rookie running back. Take a look at this one. It comes courtesy of an interview he did for 94 WIP-FM in Philly:

I wouldn’t rotate him. I’d let him play. Sometimes guys don’t play enough to find out how good they are. I just think he runs with a good base. He can break right and left with good balance. He has enough power.

Hey. If he’s good enough for Vermeil, he’s good enough for us. Almost 40 years later, Vermeil is still the man in Philly. No one should have a problem with that.

from Inside the Iggles


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