10 biggest NFL Scrooges this holiday season

It is hard to believe that the 2018 NFL year is three quarters of the way through. This means the December holiday season is in full swing. There has been a lot of joy and riches delivered by the league so far this season. But along with the good stuff, there have been some players, coaches and teams that have drawn plenty of negative attention. Losing records, firings and poor on-field behavior have led us to reflect on the biggest Scrooges of the 2018 season. Jon Gruden: The evil Grinch Gruden’s Oakland Raiders are the laughingstock of the league. At this point, nobody takes this team seriously. There is a 10-year countdown clock already in action, literally keeping track of the years, months, days and minutes until the expiration of Gruden’s contract. Meanwhile, quarterback Derek Carr is miserable, and fans are still wondering why the team traded away some of its best players. When addressing the press and coming up with one excuse after another for the team’s constant fails, Gruden just talks in puzzling

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles https://ift.tt/2zPljxb


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