Each NFL playoff contender’s biggest concern

We’re slowly beginning to whittle down the list of NFL playoff contenders as teams begin to fade and fall out of the race. That still leaves us with plenty of potential entrants, though, some much more likely than others. Even the best of these teams have weak spots; there are, after all, no unbeatens in the NFL anymore. There’s going to be a lot of game-planning for these weaknesses, and a lot of efforts to exploit them. Some of them will likely cost their teams a playoff game. Here’s a look at the glaring flaw for each of the NFL’s major playoff contenders. Los Angeles Rams (11-1) — Run defense For a team with such a talented defensive front, the Rams actually sit just below the average among run defenses this season. They’ve allowed about 118 yards per game this season, good for a modest 18th in the NFL. The worrisome performances are there; both Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson went for over 100 yards against them for the Seattle Seahawks this season, and it would probably be worse if teams could afford to

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles https://ift.tt/2PhwHGV


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