Phillies reportedly have deal in the works for Jean Segura

J.P. Crawford would be headed to Seattle in a trade that has yet to be made official.

Mariners GM Jerry DiPoto is ripping the copper wiring out of the walls in Seattle as the Mariners are in full-on tear down mode.

A week away from the MLB Winter Meetings in Washington, the Phillies reportedly have agreed on the players involved in a deal with the Mariners for shortstop Jean Segura (.304/.341/.415., 4.3 WAR in 144 G in 2018) that involves J.P. Crawford. Details about who the rest of the players are remain to be seen, and nothing is confirmed by the teams.

There were a few obstacles in place for a Phillies acquisition of Segura, but they appear to be no more: The 28-year-old didn’t make it into the blockbuster Mariners-Mets trade that is reported to be going down involving Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz, and according to Jon Morosi, Segura is willing to waive his no-trade clause to come to Philly. If this deal should become official, the pieces appear to be falling into place for the first big Phillies move of the winter. And those pieces for this particular trade came together a bit quickly on Sunday night.

Obviously, this raises a few questions. When will J.P. Crawford become the shortstop he was projected to be in Philadelphia, and how badly will it sting? What would acquiring a starting shortstop do to the Phillies’ chances of landing Manny Machado (Jon Heyman says it doesn’t deter them, but they’ll be eyeing up Bryce Harper first anyway)? Where would Segura hit in Gabe Kapler’s lineup? Who would the Mariners be getting outside of Crawford in this deal (word is Carlos Santana could be involved)? And, most thrillingly, how much of a set up would this trade be for the Winter Meetings, just a week away, when things could get really wacky?

One thing that does not need to be questioned is why the Phillies would be after this particular shortstop.

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