Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Players that are key to a must-win game over the Cowboys

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The Philadelphia Eagles are set to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football this week. Which players are key to an Eagles victory?

It’s Dallas week, Philadelphia Eagles fans! The best time of the year. What’s better than the bitter rivalry between the Birds, and the Boys? Nothing. After a long week off, the Eagles will finally return back to the playing field and will host their bitter NFC East rivals, the Dallas Cowboys home at Lincoln Financial Field.

While the Eagles headed into their bye week with a big win over the Jacksonville Jaguars to stay alive and relevant, the Cowboys are coming off of a humiliating loss to the Tennesee Titans at home. Despite the Eagles being one game out from being on top of the division once again, this week’s game is still a must-win for the Eagles.

The schedule simply does not get any easier from here on out. Looking ahead, the Eagles will face some red-hot teams like the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, and the Houston Texans. It’s quite apparent that any divisional victory is essential, but this week needs to be a good starting point for the Eagles second-half run that needs to be much better than the first half. So with that being said, which five players are key to the first victory of the second half of the season?

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