Grandma Helen’s Attic Edition #72: Sixers and NBA Links

Grandma Helen’s Attic is a collection of basketball related links, video’s, article excerpts, commentary, interesting tweets, breaking news and the occasional off topic post of funny or topical material (I’ll do my best to stay away from politics).

As long as each edition of this ongoing series gets enough RECS (usually 3) to moved to the RECOMMENDED List, I will continue to produce new editions. The purpose of this is not only to gauge interest, but to increase the duration of easy access availability of each edition from the LB website.

You can REC this Fanpost by logging onto Liberty Ballers and clicking on the green tab just below this Attic Edition header. The tab says REC.

Warning: Grandma Helen’s Attic is highly addictive.

– Grandma Helen

The newest edition of Grandma Helen’s Attic can be found here.

das411 asks:

why not just link the Grandma post directly here instead of a separate post saying “find Grandma’s here”?

Grandma Helen already addressed this, saying the following:

We discussed this. The problem is that the “article” will cycle thru the front page too quickly. Each Edition has a longer shelf life as a Fanpost.

Also IMO the casual and/or immature posters who post for the sake of posting, saying nothing of value, tend to avoid the Fanposts.

To build on Grandma Helen’s response, it’s easier to share posts across our social media platforms when done as a front page/contributor type post, as the accounts are linked automatically. Otherwise I have to manually share it. (I know that sounds lazy, but it is more about a handful of reasons that make this way easier than one single issue.) Also, fanposts get poor results in search engines. So if I just pin a fanpost to the front page, it’s unlikely to get the amount of exposure that a contributor post gets, as I’m able to utilize tags and SEO.

I know this creates what feels like an unnecessary middleman, and maybe we’ll figure out a better way to go about this in the future.

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