Philadelphia Eagles could be the nail in the coffin for Jason Garrett

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to take on the Dallas Cowboys this weekend for what could be Jason Garrett’s do or die game.

Happy Tuesday, Philadelphia Eagles fans! It’s officially Dallas week for the first time this year. The Eagles will host the Dallas Cowboys at the Linc on Sunday Night Football next week, and it could very well end up being a maker or break game for the Cowboys. As the Cowboys returned from their bye week with a loss to the Titans, they are officially in desperation mode for the division.

This past week was the perfect bye week for the Birds. They acquired a new wide receiver, got Timmy Jernigan back to practice, and both, the Washington Redskins, and the Cowboys took losses. Now, as the Eagles head into week ten, they are just one game behind the Redskins for the top of the NFC East. No doubt, this weekend is a must-win for the Eagles.

Let’s not forget though, this weekend will also be a must-win for the Cowboys as well. With a loss to the Eagles, the Cowboys fall to 1-2 in the division. The NFC East race would become between the Eagles and the Redskins as the Cowboys would drop to three games back. Not only would they get knocked down in the standings, but their head coach would be placed on the hot seat as well.

Jason Garrett on the hot seat?

It’s surprising to see how long Jason Garrett lasted in Dallas. As he is currently halfway through his ninth season as the Cowboys head coach, he is churning out yet, another losing season. Many are expecting a coaching change much sooner than later, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear after the game on Monday night that even if he does, he won’t do it during the season.

So, at this point, we can all assume that Garrett is coaching for his job since it’s even being discussed by the owner. Garrett needs the win on Sunday more than anybody does. If they can take down the Eagles, they are back in the division race.

If they lose to the Eagles, then you could pretty much put Dallas’ 2018 season away as they are well out of playoff contention. While it would be great to keep Garrett in Dallas for the Eagles sake, it would be satisfying to know that they officially put the nail in the coffin of Garrett’s coaching career in Dallas. This week should be very interesting, to say the least.

from Inside the Iggles


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