NFL rumors: Is Dallas already planning to extend Amari Cooper?

If you’re looking around the NFL for some interesting news, this one might get your attention. Rumor has it that the Dallas Cowboys may already be looking to give Amari Cooper an extension.

Dating is one of the most fun parts of building a relationship with that significant other. It’s also important for one very big reason. We were never supposed to get married without a date. Think of the problems that would cause. That brings us to the NFL’s system of signing players.

Contracts are like a marriage, and though stars don’t always make all of the money that their contract states they will, they can rack up quite a bit of change. That makes the negotiation process all the more important.

Despite some of his struggles and inconsistency, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper has made quite the name for himself in the NFL. That’s why the Cowboys saw fit to give a first-round draft choice to the Oakland Raiders for his services.

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It didn’t take long, the first quarter to be exact, for that decision to pay dividends as Cooper reached the end zone in his first game with Dallas. Then, just as quickly as the adrenaline rush came, it was over.

He finished Dallas’ Monday night fiasco with five catches for 58 yards and that one touchdown. Not even 24 hours later, it appears there may be some momentum growing towards a contract extension.

According to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones already has that thought on his mind. Take a look:

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

If this is true, there may be something we all should think about. Why did Dallas give up a first-round draft selection for Cooper’s services? When we talk about the best wide receivers in college football that will come out in this year’s draft, can we say, definitively, that any of them are on par with Cooper?

Maybe we can. Maybe we can’t. Maybe Dallas wanted to invest that first-round draft choice in a skill position player to aid Dak Prescott. They already have Ezekiel Elliott, so they’re fine at running back. If Dallas’ theory was Cooper was better than everything coming out in the 2019 NFL Draft, then extending Cooper makes sense.

If that theory is inaccurate, who knows what they’re doing? So far, even without him playing a game, it still appears that the Philadelphia Eagles got the better receiver prior to the deadline.

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