Eagles’ contest for Super Bowl ring has a deserving winner

After nearly six million (!) entries in the Eagles’ sweepstakes for that real-deal Super Bowl ring, there’s a winner. 

The campaign raised $567,866.89 for the Eagles Autism Challenge. 

Jim and Pattie Gillece won the contest and will get their real-deal ring during the Eagles-Redskins game on Dec. 3 at the Linc. While it was a coincidence, Jeff Lurie personally called the Gillece family and said it meant a lot to him that they won because they have two sons on the autism spectrum. 

That’s pretty cool. 

The cause for autism research and program is an important one for Lurie, whose younger brother is autistic. 

Lurie in June wrote about why this cause is so important to him and the Eagles

The ring the Gillece family won is the same one every player and staff member received. It features 219 diamonds and 17 green sapphires set in 10-karat gold.

The contest ran from June 20 through Sept. 30.

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