Alshon Jeffery is the anti-Odell, and that’s just fine with the Eagles | Mike Sielski

The funny part is, the mess was easy to see coming. The team’s quarterback had begun to regress long before the receiver got his money, and though the receiver was now paid more than any other player at his position in the NFL — and really, can you blame him for saying yes to that? — he was finding that he still wasn’t happy. The team had lost 18 of its last 22 games, and the dynamic wide receiver began taking less-than-subtle shots at the quarterback in the media, and in an embarrassing loss Thursday night at MetLife Stadium, the dynamic wide receiver started his halftime respite early and finished it late, and everyone wondered why but no one was really surprised. And from the opposite sideline, Alshon Jeffery could watch what was happening with Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning and the New York Giants, and he damn sure wasn’t going to say a word about it.

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