Carson Wentz mic’d up sounds exactly like you’d think

Philadelphia loves Carson Wentz. But let’s be real, he’s slightly boring. And that’s okay. Every athlete in town doesn’t need to be Joel Embiid when it comes to cracking jokes and talking smack.

Get the job done. That’s what Philly wants from their quarterback. Much like his touchdown celebration with Jordan Matthews a couple of weeks back, Wentz is all business on the football field.

So viewers will get very few surprises when they watch video of Wentz being mic’d up for the tough loss against the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday.

There’s plenty of “let’s go!,” “shake it off!,” “it’s a long game!” and keeping it positive with his teammates even when the Birds find themselves behind big.

In perhaps the most Wentz moment possible, he even compliments Vikings’ defender Anthony Barr in the middle of the game.

“You’re a handful, man. You’re a heck of a player,” Wentz tells him.

The man is polite. 

Birds fans could probably use a bit of Wentz’s attitude throughout this rough start to the season.

“We don’t hang our heads. We go right back to work. Trust me. I promise you we will not quit.”

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