Lenny Dykstra May Be in Some Trouble…Again

In what is an unfortunate but completely unsurprising development, Lenny Dykstra was indicted today by a Union County, NJ grand jury for possession of cocaine, possession of meth, and making terroristic threats, according to TMZ Sports. Dykstra was arrested back in May after an incident in which he allegedly pulled a weapon and threatened to kill an Uber driver.

Dykstra, for his part, doesn’t seem particularly fazed by the indictment. To go along with his recent series of religious tweets, he also posted a visit with a rabbi this afternoon:

He doesn’t look well, man. Dykstra has since posted several messages of support from his followers since news of the indictment broke.

I’m sure there are some jokes to be had here, but his fall from sports icon and successful businessman to…whatever you call this is just kind of sad, so I’ll pass.

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