Dallas Cowboys Dumpster Fire

Since the Eagles aren’t playing well right now, I think the appropriate thing to do is deflect.

Let’s change the subject and talk about the 2-3 Dallas Cowboys, who lost to the Houston Texans 19-16 in overtime on Sunday.

It’s true that Stefen Wisniewski wasn’t happy with his week five benching, but at least he isn’t openly questioning the team’s play calling and offensive ineptitude. That’s what Allen Hurns basically told Josina Anderson this week:

The worst play call you would make” sounds about right for Scott Linehan.

Hurns spoke again this afternoon and didn’t back down from the comments, explaining that he wasn’t trying to “throw anybody under the bus” –

He also reiterated that you can’t run deep sixes against two man coverage, though he wasn’t sure whether Dak Prescott could or should have audibled out of the play call.

Here’s the play Hurns is referencing:

Not great.

Oh yeah, this all comes on the heels of Jerry Jones saying that his team hasn’t had a true #1 receiver in years while also second guessing the decision making of head coach Jason Garrett.

Might be time to blow it up and start over in the Big D.

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