Your NFL Week 2 Betting Line Movement Chart

I find it sometimes useful to know how the point spreads shift as the week progresses at various books. Lines move for plenty of different reasons. For instance, injury developments can play a key role. In the Packers/Vikings game, the previously uncertain status of Aaron Rodgers kept DraftKings from offering odds for that game on early Monday morning, but his injured knee has clearly impacted the spread in that game as the Packers are a home dog to the Vikings.

Team performance has shaken things up in a few games, too. The dreadful Week 1 performance of the Detroit Lions helped transform the 49ers from 3-point to 6.5 point favorites. Same goes for the Jets who received some love for that win over the Lions. Look at the Rams and Cardinals. There was an aggressive 3.5-point shift in that one after the Rams’ emphatic win in Oakland.

In other cases, the line may move in response to how a specific game is being bet by the public. This week, we see subtle movements in the Panthers/Falcons and Saints/Browns game.

Above, I’ve provided a chart with the FanDuel and DraftKings odds from Monday morning and the odds as of 10 a.m. this morning to help give you a sense of how the odds have shifted at these popular books as we close in on the Sunday slate.

While FanDuel and DraftKings are both easy to use and offer users a wide-range of betting options, I also recommend taking a look at the BetStars NJ and PlaySugarHouse apps to ensure you are getting the best odds and prices if you are in New Jersey and plan to play this weekend. Always look for the best value before locking in your wagers.

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