Tom Brady might play in 2019

We already know the New England Patriots are giving Tom Brady a little more incentive this season. But that’s not all his contract suggests.According to a report from the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, Brady’s contract indicates that he could play through the 2019 season.“But the Patriots did something with Brady that they love to boast about never doing — pushing money into the future. That $10 million signing bonus puts an extra $5 million on Brady’s salary-cap number for 2019. He is still slated to make $15 million in cash, but now his cap number increases from $22 million to $27 million.”Now, would it make sense for him to return in 2019? Assuming the production doesn’t fall off a cliff, yes. Assuming he doesn’t face another serious injury, yes again. Of course, those are two very big assumptions. But Brady, even at the age of 41, has been able to stay in pristine physical condition despite playing this game for almost 20 years.Another reason it makes sense for Brady to stay on board past this season? The Patr

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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