Eagles rookie TE Dallas Goedert seems just fine

PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 09: Dallas Goedert #88 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs with the ball and is tackled by Nat Berhe #31 of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second quarter during the preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 9, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Eagles rookie TE Dallas Goedert seems just fine

The Philadelphia Eagles had a scare on Saturday, as Dallas Goedert suffered a mysterious upper-body injury.

The last thing the Philadelphia Eagles need at this point is any severe injury setbacks. As more than a few key players are currently sidelined due to wear-and-tear from last season, it is tough to imagine another injury coming in and affecting the Eagles roster. On Saturday, the Eagles had a bit of a scare as they held an open practice at Lincoln Financial Field for over 35,000 fans to see. The rookie tight end, Dallas Goedert left the field with a mysterious injury that was rumored to have something to do with his arm.

Of course, the rumors started flying out hours later, as Eagles fans on Twitter suspected that Goedert broke his arm. Fake news is easy to spot nowadays, but for some reason, many fans bought into the speculation of Goedert’s supposed broken arm. Apparently, he was spotted walking out of the Nova Care Complex supporting a cast, and somehow an injury timetable of six-to-eight week’s was speculated without an official report from the Eagles coaching staff.

Well, Eagles fans all over can rest easy now as Dallas Goedert seems to be just fine. The Eagles resumed training camp on Sunday as they returned to their regular facilities at the Nova Care Complex for another practice. The bad news is that Goedert was not wearing a helmet or shoulder pads, which indicates he will practice on a limited basis. The good news is that the rookie tight end was not sporting any sort of cast like he was rumored to be.

The Proof:


See, just an overreaction ignited by a Twitter troll. It would be absolutely unfortunate if Goedert did, in fact, suffer a broken arm. The rookie tight end was coming off of an impressive NFL debut as he accounted for 66-yards and a touchdown in the Eagles preseason opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Thursday.

As of right now, Goedert’s diagnosis, and set-date for return is still unknown. We can only assume that the Eagles coaching staff will relay the message from the medical staff this afternoon. Seeing that previous injury diagnosis have been kept top-secret this past offseason by the Eagles, we may only hear that Dallas Goedert has an ‘upper-body injury.’ But at least we can rule out a broken arm at this point.


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