RADIO WARS – Mike Missanelli, Jimmy Kempski, and the Bathroom Attendant

Seems like people were upset that the last RADIO WARS post was just an argument between Geoff Mosher and Eytan Shander. 

This post doesn’t deserve the RADIO WARS tagline!” someone complained online.

I get it; it wasn’t super spicy or whatever, but not every RADIO WARS post can be on the level of Dwayne from Swedesboro. 

So hopefully this one is more to your liking. It’s a Twitter exchange between Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski and Mike Missanelli over the usefulness of the bathroom attendant and whether or not that person is even necessary.

As a disclaimer, let me say that I’ve known Jimmy for a while and that we were on the Voice payroll at the same time a few years back. In the interest of non-bias and true journalism – which is what we do here at Crossing Broad – I will start by simply laying out the conversation:

The rest after the jump:

Hmm yeah, that escalated quickly.


It seems kind of random for Mike to speak up for the American bathroom attendant, though I get where he’s coming from. Jimmy’s original tweet struck me as more or less facetious and on-brand, and not as a slight to the working class guy who is down on his luck and just needs a job.

Me, personally, I don’t really get the bathroom attendant thing either, but if the guy is there and he’s just trying to do an honest job, I’ll try to throw him some money if I have it. I have to carry cash in Fishtown because none of these damn restaurants take credit cards.

Anyway, both guys kind of branched off responding to other people, and I appreciated this exchange with “Fake Coatesy” –


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