Report: Sixers to play Celtics on Christmas Day

It should be a holiday to remember.

After doing battle in an Eastern Conference semifinals that was closer than the 4-1 Boston series victory would indicate, the Celtics and Sixers enter the 2018-19 season projected to win the most and second-most games in the East (with Toronto tied with Philadelphia per the oddsmakers). Now, according to Marc Stein, it appears the NBA is going all-out to promote this Atlantic Division rivalry ramping up, pitting the combatants against each other on one of the league’s biggest stages:

Sixers. Celtics. Christmas Day. Text your loved ones and let them know you’re going to be glued to your screen of choice for two and a half hours while everyone else is engaging in yuletide merriment. At least now I know what to ask Santa for Christmas this year: a repeat of Joel Embiid dunking Aron Baynes back to Oceania.

from Liberty Ballers – All Posts


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