Help Kensington Football Get Some New Equipment

Apparently some jabronies stole a bunch of equipment and jerseys from the Kensington High School Football team last month.

Philly Voice explained what happened after someone saw a man taking things out of the team storage shed:

(Assistant coach Justin Young) and another coach took a ride in his car to the team’s field, opened the latch to the football equipment shed, and revealed his worst fear.

Every set of shoulder pads and every helmet was gone. The pads from the team’s football sleds had been removed, placed next to each other, and covered with a sheet as a makeshift bed. That “bed” was splattered with blood, Young said, and needles were scattered around the shed’s floor. Everything the team owned, Young said, had been rummaged through.

“It’s all gone,” Young told PhillyVoice over the phone on Tuesday, 11 days before the team’s first scrimmage, one of its two preseason games required by the PIAA before the regular season opener at New Hope-Solebury on Aug. 24.

I think you’re smart enough to figure out what happened here.

But that’s not important. What’s important is that the Tigers are trying to replace their equipment and started up a fundraiser to do just that.

They’re a little more than halfway to their $4,000 goal, and maybe we can push them over the top. Just click on that link above if you want to donate.

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