Eagles: No one’s discussing the re-signing of Corey Graham enough

The Philadelphia Eagles have resigned veteran defensive back Corey Graham on a one year deal. This is a move that isn’t getting talked about enough.

One of the more unsung heroes of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl championship team will be coming back for another go. Corey Graham, the 34-year-old safety and 12-year pro, re-signed with the team, and it was really the only choice he was going to make if he wanted to play football again.

Graham, was quoted as saying that if the Eagles didn’t want him back he would’ve retired from football altogether.

Here’s more from Graham himself:

“It’s a lot of training. I’ve been training the past three months, so when it’s all said and done, I don’t want to just be out here, not doing what I want to be able to do. I mean I’m not coming out here, getting beat on every play and things like that.”

A season ago, Graham played the role of reserve safety while backing up both Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod. Often times, it was Graham in the lineup while defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz moved the versatile Jenkins all over the field.

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Despite not starting, Graham racked up two interceptions and four passes defensed during the 2017 season. Add that to the 38 tackles he amassed over the course of 14 games.

He seemed to have a knack for, not only putting the final nail in the coffin to seal wins, but also adding one more as an extra measure to add insurance.

It was against the Chicago Bears where Graham had a late interception, immediately after one by Rasul Douglas was called back on the previous play. That resulted in him playing the role of cameraman during the defense’s now famous “Electric Slide”.

Take a look:

In the NFC championship game against the Minnesota Vikings Graham had an interception that came from a deflection that all but sealed a Super Bowl birth for the team, if it hadn’t been sealed already.

Graham should return to the role where he excelled the last season thus making the very strong defending champion Eagles team even stronger.

It would be one thing if they brought in a reserve safety who wasn’t familiar with the team, but the familiarity Graham already has with the defensive scheme makes his return more significant.

There’s an old adage goes ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, but nobody said anything about picking up a piece that fell on the ground and putting it back on. This signing should pay off in 2018 as Graham’s return provides some veteran leadership in a locker room filled with young, hungry, and enthusiastic personalities.

It might not be the flashiest signing, but fans should be just as excited about the signing as Graham was in his return press conference.

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