Did LeBron James Pass Up a Chance to Live in Cherry Hill?

Woody Paige was on “Around the Horn” when I used to watch the show 15 years ago in college.

He’s apparently still a regular contributor, which I did not know until I saw this video clip floating around on Twitter.

On Tuesday’s show, the panel was talking about LeBron’s decision to choose the Lakers over the Sixers, which Paige described as a mistake.

Let’s pick it up at 1:26 –

Here’s what Woody got out before he was slapped with the mute button:

“He made a tragic mistake as far as I’m concerned. If he wants to win more championships it sounds like he’s following the advice of Shaq: stop chasing championships. You’ve established your reputation and that’s what he’s gonna do. He’s not gonna win any championships with the Lakers. You talk about a young core, nobody is able to shoot, he doesn’t have a second guy, and he doesn’t have a third guy. I told you that yesterday.

If he goes to Philadelphia, he can live in Cherry Hill New Jersey, which is just as nice as LA, and he can…”

These were the hosts reactions to Paige, a Colorado resident, shouting out the Jersey suburb:

Listen, Cherry Hill ain’t bad. There’s a mall and a movie theater and a Kohl’s and every big box retail store and restaurant on the planet. I may or may not have been to the Taco Bell on Haddonfield Road to pick up some rolled chicken tacos. You’ve got Cooper River Park and I think that trail that goes along Park Boulevard, if that’s within the city limits.

Los Angeles, on the other hand, is the second biggest city in the country, located in sunny southern California. Great weather and blah blah. Problem is, it’s filled with fake “actors” and other Hollywood poseur types. The traffic is horrible and the smog is disgusting and Dodger fans are all over the place. Otherwise, it’s not a bad place to live.

But whatever, y’all can decide:

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