Philadelphia Eagles news: Changes are made to team’s athletic staff

Philadelphia Eagles news: Changes are made to team’s athletic staff

The Philadelphia Eagles shuffle the deck once again, this time in the athletic staff.

Following the second day of mandatory minicamp practice, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that they would shuffle the deck once again. This time they made changes in the athletic department. The news came shortly before dinnertime on the East Coast on Wednesday.

‘The Birds’ have announced Joe O’Pella has been promoted to associate head athletic trainer. Jerome Reid has been named as the team’s head athletic trainer. Reports from the team’s official website and their Twitter account verify the story.

Take a look:

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Wait. Who are these guys again?

Jerome Reid spent the last four seasons (2014-2017) as the Tennessee Titans‘ assistant athletic trainer. In 2017, the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society named him as the Joe Warden Professional Athletic Trainer of the Year.

Joe O’Pella was introduced to the city of Philadelphia as an athletic training intern in 2008.

He was, then, hired in 2010 as the team’s athletic training assistant. Like the newly hired Reid, O’Pella also spent time as the team’s assistant athletic trainer. That was between the 2012 and 2017 seasons.

Here’s more from on O’Pella’s background:

Prior to joining the Eagles, O’Pella studied at California University of Pennsylvania and received his master’s degree in exercise physiology with a concentration in injury prevention and performance enhancement. A lifelong resident of Philadelphia, O’Pella graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in rehab science with a concentration in athletic training.

It’s business as usual in Philly.



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