Whatever it Takes, Dude (I have no Firearm)

The Linden Police Department released two pieces of body-cam footage today from the arrest of Lenny Dykstra on May 23 after an Uber driver pulled into the Linden Police headquarters and told officers Dykstra had threatened him with a gun.

According to a story from NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Uber driver pulled into the Linden police headquarters at 3:30 a.m. on May 23, alerting officers by honking his horn several times and fleeing the vehicle that contained Dykstra. The driver claimed Dykstra pulled a gun on him and threatened to shoot him after he changed his destination.

Dykstra told officers that the driver “kidnapped him” and wouldn’t let him out of his car.

Officers questioned Dykstra and released the footage of his arrest. It’s….it’s definitely something. What a fucking mess. Still, I would have rather seen him at the 1993 Phillies celebration this past weekend instead of Curt Schilling.

Dykstra was charged with making a terroristic threat and being in possession of drugs. Officers reported he was found with cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana.

The arrest video, which was published by NJ.com, plays out like a bad Abbot and Costello routine. Here are the highlights (lowlights?):

(1:38) After giving the officer permission to search his bag for firearms.

Officer: You don’t mind if we look in there for a firearms?

Dykstra: No, I do mind, there are no firearms…..you can look at whatever you want! Look at what you want.

(2:22) No I don’t own a firearm, I’m a convicted felon. And please don’t go through my stuff.

Officer: Do you own a firearm?

Dykstra: Dude, I’m a convicted felon, I can’t own a firearm (tries to push forward through cops). Hey, I don’t like this guy going through my stuff.

Officer: You just said I could look through there for a firearm.

Dykstra: No, but I want to show you the bag.

Officer: You showed me the bag already, you pointed it out.

Dykstra: Yeah but, I don’t have no firearm, sure. This guy is fucking crazy, dude.

(4:58) It’s not my fault, I was kidnapped!

Dykstra: I can’t go anywhere, I’m not going anywhere, I’m stopping there. I say, okay then, let me out! He locks the car doors, he kidnapped me, he kidnapped me, dude!

(5:25) Wait…what did I do, guys?!

Officer turns Dykstra around and starts to handcuff him.

Dykstra: Dude, what are you doing? Take it easy man. Why are you grabbing me so hard? Wait, wait, what are you doing?

Officer: You’re being placed under arrest.

Dykstra: For what?!

Oh, Lenny.

Here’s the driver’s account of what happened as well:

Dykstra has a court date set for July 18.

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