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The Eagles won the Super Bowl for a lot of reasons. One of them is that Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman embraced a new way of doing things. From Sports Science to analytics to an aggressive and creative cap strategy, the Eagles looked for every possible advantage they could, on and off the field.

Howie spoke at the Wharton People Analytics Conference recently. They have posted the 30 minute discussion between he and host Cade Massey.

This is really great. Howie tells some good stories and offers some interesting insight on how the Eagles think.

Don’t watch expecting any amazing moments where Howie gives away the football version of the secret recipe for grandma’s spaghetti sauce. He’s too smart for that. Howie just offered interesting thoughts on how scouting and analytics have come to co-exist and how/why the Eagles do things.

Not every team has such an open mind. The Eagles winning the Super Bowl may have forced some teams to have more of an open mind, but clearly teams like the Giants are still embracing being an old school team. That’s a good thing for the Eagles and not so good for the Giants.

If the Eagles have another big year, watch for even more teams to embrace a new way of doing things.


Interesting stuff here from Louis Riddick on his QB rankings for the NFC East.

1 – Carson Wentz
2 – Alex Smith
3 – Nick Foles
4 – Dak Prescott
5 – Eli Manning


Riddick makes the point that Foles gets that ranking only because he’s with the Eagles. The combination of the scheme, the coaches and the surrounding talent brings out the best in Foles. I think that is a reasonable argument.

It really will be interesting to see how things play out this year. Dak Prescott could bounce back in a major way or struggle even more with pedestrian receivers. Eli has better blocking and more talent to work with, but he’s been mediocre the last five years. Smith is coming off a great season, but there are no guarantees that he will play at the same level on a new team and in a new system.

This could be a wild season for the QBs of the NFC East.


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