Lane Johnson’s beef with the New England Patriots continues to heat up

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ST PAUL, MN – JANUARY 29: Lane Johnson

Lane Johnson is sick and tired of the New England Patriots “fear-based” mentality.

By now, we thought this entire situation would have blown over. But it looks like Philadelphia Eagles star right tackle Lane Johnson is just getting started. Super Bowl LII wrapped up around three months ago. We all know the story. The Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in the most intense, high-scoring Super Bowl in all of its existence.

So assuming the Eagles finally got their long-awaited payback on the Patriots, nobody in the midnight green would care enough to show any real hatred towards the Patriots. But Lane Johnson doesn’t seem satisfied. In fact, the 28-year-old offensive lineman appears to have a lot of built-up anger towards the Patriots. And dethroning them just didn’t seem like enough.

We’re not going to go into depth with the old news. We all know that Johnson believes that the Patriots are a fear-based organization. Also, he thinks the Patriots act like robots while doing interviews. While everybody thought Johnson was overreacting, he actually had more reasons behind his anger with the Patriots. Now, the beef between Johnson and all of New England continues to heat up.

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