Dez Bryant Apparently Turned Down a Multi-Year Deal

Dez is still a free agent after being released by the Cowboys last month.

He apparently turned down a multi-year contract offer from the Ravens and seeks a one-year “prove it” deal somewhere else, similar to what Alshon Jeffery did with the Birds last year. Baltimore ended up signing ex-Saint Willie Snead to round out a new receiving corps that includes John Brown and Michael Crabtree.

Bryant spent part of yesterday and today responding to Twitter comments regarding his decision, calling out the media in the process.

This was in response to a Pro Football Talk article that claimed Bryant “hasn’t always been known as the easiest player to get along with.” –

A few more comments:

I dunno, I mean, Dez can still play. He’s 29 years old and his production has naturally dropped off a bit, but in an NFL where (alleged) head cases and criminals like Pacman Jones can enjoy relatively long careers, I don’t see Dez being that much of a gamble on a one-year deal, which is apparently what he wants anyway.

For what it’s worth, Schefter says the Ravens were willing to pay Dez $7 million a year. I personally would have accepted the offer.


from Crossing Broad


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