Most underpaid player on each NFL team

There are plenty of players who are making mad cash, and some of them arguably don’t deserve the massive contracts they have landed. However, on the other side of the spectrum are the NFL players who aren’t getting paid nearly enough for the productivity they provide their respective teams.Those are the players we’ll be focusing on today. Many of them are young and were selected later in their draft years, which is why they’re getting paid a fraction of what their peers are earning. Some are veterans who simply aren’t being valued the way they should be.We won’t be including any rookies, for obvious reasons. Some veterans you might expect to see, like Aaron Rodgers (his contract is coming, and soon) weren’t included either. With those stipulations defined, these are the most underpaid players on every NFL team.Note: Average salaries were utilized for this list. All contract information courtesy of Spotrac.Arizona Cardinals: David Johnson, running back, $729,823 per yearOne of the NFL’s premier running backs,

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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