Jay Ajayi Rep: Eagles RB Didn’t Trash a Mansion and Shove a Guy

TMZ reported Monday that Birds running back Jay Ajayi was being sued for $25,000 after allegedly trashing a Los Angeles house after the Super Bowl.

The alleged incident(s) happened back in February, when Ajayi rented the property for a five-day stay. In the lawsuit, the owner claims Ajayi and a friend threw multiple parties at the house despite being told not to. The owner says Ajayi damaged the home and refused to pay back owed money:

In total, Ajayi racked up $25,000 in penalty fees — but when the owner confronted Jay on Feb. 18, he claims Ajayi “pushed [him] on [his] chest in a menacing and threatening manner.”

The owner describes the incident as battery — and said he had to call local security to remove the NFL star from the property.

Ajayi’s camp later responded to a TMZ request for comment:

A rep for Ajayi tells TMZ Sports the lawsuit is bogus … adamantly denying Jay ever physically pushed the owner of the home.

They also deny Jay damaged the property in any way … or hosted any parties.

Instead they claim the owner tried to get Jay and his friend to pay him cash directly — bypassing the Airbnb website — so they say they left the house several days early … but still paid the full rate.

Truthfully, though, who hasn’t (allegedly) thrown a banger and trashed a mansion? I think we’ve all been there before.

That said, let’s hope this situation can be resolved amicably.

from Crossing Broad https://ift.tt/2rHIp4C


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