Jay Ajayi accused of pushing, threatening rental owner who is suing for property destruction

Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi is being sued by the owner of a Los Angeles rental home, which Ajayi spent time at in the days after his team won Super Bowl LII.According to TMZ Sports, the owner of the rental charged Ajayi for $25,000 in damages, claiming that the running back and his friends threw at least three parties.“Ajayi and his buddy threw at least 3 parties at the house despite the fact they were specifically told — NO PARTIES! In fact, the owner claims he charged a $5,000 fee for each party at the home … which Ajayi never paid. Additionally, the owner claims Ajayi broke a table, scratched some floors and violated the no smoking rule.”Per the report, when the owner went to confront Ajayi over the bill on Feb. 18, he alleges Ajayi “pushed [him] on [his] chest in a menacing and threatening manner.”The owner is calling the incident “battery” and told TMZ Sports that he had to call security to remove Ajayi from the property.

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles https://ift.tt/2rOtkxB


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