Nick Foles open to Eagles trading him?

The reigning Super Bowl MVP is set to serve as a backup next season. Nick Foles is alright with that, but he sounds like he wouldn’t be opposed to a trade either.“We love Philly. I know there was some stuff going around, a possible trade, and I would love the opportunity to be a starter again. I know my spot in Philly. I think I’ve shown what I can do,” Foles told KVUE in Texas. “I’m signed for one more year and I love the team, I love the city. I’m excited for Carson [Wentz] to get back on his feet. I’ll be ready to go whenever they need me. But we’ll see. Just living in the moment.”The Eagles were reportedly seeking at least a first- and fourth-round pick for Foles this offseason, but that kind of deal never materialized. In late March, head coach Doug Pederson pretty much put the kibosh on any trade talk.It would be surprising to see the Eagles move Foles at this juncture, but they pulled off a similar move in 2016 when they dealt Sam Bradford to the Vikings in September of 2016. The Eagles value Foles and

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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