Monday Morning Fly By: Well Friday was good…

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

*So yesterday’s game was…not good. About as not-good as Game 1. But as we saw on Friday, this team can bounce back. So on to Game 3 we go. RECAP!

*And now we have two days off. Which, folks, is going to be pure torture. Let’s soothe ourselves by reading about Sean Couturier becoming an elite #1 center. []

*We can also kill some time recapping game two. We learned some important things in that win. [BSH]

*We were also reminded that Penguins fans are whiny little pissbabies. Because the amount of whining about Claude Giroux running into Kris Letang was amazing. Truly a spectacle. [Pensburgh]

*Thankfully, the Flyers PK has improved a bit. A big reason for that improvement is the steady presence of Matt Read. [NBC Sports Philly]

*After game one, which was awful top-to-bottom, Brian Elliott turned his game around and has been good enough to keep the Flyers in this thing. []

*The Flyers are hopping on to the Eagles’ “underdog” bandwagon and honestly? Whatever works, boys. []

*Our old pal Ken Hitchcock has decided to retire. He had a good run. [USA Today]

*And finally, we learned this weekend that Pete Chiarelli will be keeping his job in Edmonton, which, quite frankly, is hilarious. Here are a few reasons why these guys never have to answer for being objectively awful at their jobs. [ESPN]

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