Joel Embiid Out for Game 2

Embiid will sit out for Game 2.

Jo Jo will sit out Game 2 of the Sixers first round series against the Miami Heat.

After watching the Sixers dominate the Heat without Embiid last night, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The Sixers have proven they can compete without Joel, so there’s no need to rush him back.

If the Sixers had lost last night, I would think there would have been a strong chance of Embiid playing in Game 2. I wouldn’t read into this situation as anything more than a combination of confidence (in the team’s ability to win without the All-Star center) and precaution (surrounding Embiid’s injury).

To build further on that, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Embiid not playing at all in the first round if the sans-Embiid Sixers continue to handle the Heat. Obviously, that sentiment could totally change by the end of tomorrow night, but I think it’s worth considering. It could come down to weighing the value of getting Jo reps vs. making sure he’s 100%, if the Heat aren’t able to make it a series. But, yeah, it’s early, so.

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