Eight NFL teams that have improved the most this offseason

The NFL offseason has provided no shortage of excitement. Teams have released old players and agreed to contracts with new ones. Several players have been traded. Players have switched teams, and many franchises have already improved greatly this offseason, and that’s before they have another shot to beef up in the draft.Here is a look at the NFL teams that have improved the most so far this offseason. Keep in mind that merely being active this offseason doesn’t get you on this list if you we don’t like what you did (ahem, Cardinals, Jets, Redskins). Also, whoever lands Jordy Nelson and Ndamukong Suh would have an argument for being on here too.1) Cleveland BrownsIt’s one thing to have a lot of draft currency stocked up, but it’s a complete other to make good use of it. Former Browns exec Sashi Brown loaded up on future draft picks before losing his job with Cleveland. New GM John Dorsey has come in and gotten some impressive hauls with the excess picks while still keeping many for the upcoming draft.The Brow

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles http://ift.tt/2HyQsGm


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