Philadelphia Eagles: Will the historic spread be a reality?

Much has been made about the Philadelphia Eagles’ historic underdog status as a one seed against a six seed. The majority of “experts” across media and social media networks are siding with the Falcons not just to win but in many cases cover the -3 line set for the Atlanta Falcons. For every Eagles fan who wants to keep faith in their team, I can’t objectively say any of those people picking the Falcons are wrong. Unless there’s something drastically different Nick Foles and the Eagles have been hiding at the end of the season as a way to surprise opponents in the playoffs, I think most people picked the right bird.
Those trying to find optimism in the upcoming Eagles playoff picture point to the remarkable 27 and two season. That 27 TD to two INT season put up by Foles is an outlier to the overall Nick Foles career. The 119.2 passer rating looks like a misprint next to the five seasons in which he played in seven games or more where his average passer rating didn’t go above 81.4. It’s furthermore convenient

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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