#Lookatchu: A Look At The Best (?) Eagles-Falcons Fan Videos

The Eagles are two wins away from reaching the Super Bowl. They enter today’s game as an unprecedented top-seed underdog with a chance to silence everybody doubting them AND win a home playoff game for the first time in 4,025 days. Personally, that’s enough for me. I’m EAGER for this game. Kick it off and let’s fucking go. Eagles by double-digits. But not everybody is with me—-some aren’t yet at full tilt and some just don’t quite believe. No, it seems the mere prospect of 13-3 team with the opportunity to reach the brink of the Super Bowl isn’t enough for some–they need something more. Something that inspires, motivates and educates. Something that moves the soul like only a YouTube fan vlogger can. Now personally, I’m all the way up for this game, but if you’re not, I consider myself a man of the people and I want to help out. I’m sure there’s some A+ content out there on YouTube to get you, like, so HYPE, so…six to midnight. Let’s go!

It’s official. Game. Set. Match. Our friend IamCarlo is back with a new damn video and brings the hottest of takes in this electric preview recorded in what looks to be his spare bedroom. This isn’t the video of a random guy trying to talk himself into kinda sorta liking the Eagles this week that I wanted, it is the one I needed.

All the dick ridin’ with the media and the cockiness going on from the Falcons. DesertEagle90 says “fuck that.” It’s Philly vs. Everyone in this totally unhinged 17-minute black and white video shot in what appears to be a trailer rest stop–for some reason. Keep sleepin’ on us.

Sometimes if our own brethren can’t fire us up, we just need some fighting words from the enemy. Too bad this video doesn’t bring the real hate. Here, Falcons fan TheNayborz says it’s going to be cold, Philly is a tough place to play, the Eagles beat the shit out of the Falcons last year and that the Eagles’ front seven is crazy good. He eventually gets around to picking the Falcons, but you can tell he doesn’t believe what he’s saying. Poor guy.

Ah, much better! Here, ccridertagthatass27 isn’t for that soft shit. He takes a motherfuckin’ timeout from his daily commute to the laundromat to drop some “bird on bird” knowledge from the driver’s seat of his car. Honestly, this is probably the best analysis I’ve heard all week. He believes Nick Foles is a “fuckin’ slouch” and “trash,” so he has no doubt that the Falcons are gonna ball tomorrow. He does have two minor concerns. 1) Austin Hooper and his bitch ass can’t be playing patty cake and pitty-patty with the fuckin’ ball. 2) He feels the Falcons’ offensive line played like “shitballs with their asshole,” or something to that effect, last week. Those are two keys to the game to really keep your eye on tomorrow.

If you’re looking to get The Athletic quality analysis without the subscription fees, I suggest you check out these next-level deep dives from The Sportsman. Six other people have. He breaks down all of this weekend’s matchups, and, I must say, this guy is an absolute dynamo in front of the camera. Come for the sexual energy and titillating takes, stay for his insightful white board breakdowns.

And, if those didn’t quite do it for you, if you’re still not all the way there, then I present to you the, ahem, mightiest hype video of them all. #Lookatchu

Eagles by fofillion.

from Crossing Broad http://ift.tt/2mAZb2E


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