Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles: Staff predictions

Joe Tricarico The Atlanta offense put together a strong performance against the Los Angeles defense last week.  The Eagles have a significantly worse defense and are also playing with a backup quarterback.  The Atlanta secondary should be able to shut down the Eagles’ passing game for most of the matchup.  The Philadelphia running game could be a problem for Atlanta, but after not letting Todd Gurley beat them last week, Atlanta’s confidence in their run defense is sky high.  Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are going to have a monster week together.  The Falcons will easily take this one.
Falcons 33 – Eagles 17
Jack Bennett The Falcons had the task of facing Todd Gurley and Jared Goff last week on the road, and they were able to shut down the run and force Goff out of his comfort zone. There is no reason they can’t do the same to a much weaker duo of Matt Asiata and Nick Foles. The only difference is that this time they will be playing a tougher defense in a very difficult environment. Atlanta has never fared

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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