Bird Droppings: Jump The Route

Yesssssssssssss. We have a good football team. The Eagles are now the favorite to win the division and can compete for a bye.

The win over the Panthers slots them as the fourth best team in the conference. The updated list:

  1. Packers
  2. Falcons
  3. Cowboys
  4. Eagles
  5. Panthers
  6. Seahawks
  7. Lions
  8. Redskins

Moving right on up.

I think the Eagles are better than the Cowboys, but it will be settled on the field, so there’s no reason to jump the gun. I’d rather savor the sweet taste of Dallas tears and ceremonially move the Birds up the chart. We’re going full video game style here. We’ll have to wait until the playoffs to play the top two teams, however. To me, the Packers get the number one seed solely on the merit of Aaron Rodgers, and the Falcons are so damn talented. Are the Eagles in that league yet? Maybe. Last night was damn impressive, but I think the Panthers were a touch overrated, as backed by that -3 line, which would’ve been much higher if they were legitimately a top team playing at home.

This was an excellent game all-around. The Eagles have proven themselves to be for real.

To the Droppings!


Baptism by… ice bath

Gettin’ real funky here. I’m not quite sure if this is what He intended, but I guess if Carson took a piss in the pool beforehand it’s holy enough for me. I am not totally against Wentz baptizing a teammate before every game with it culminating in LeGarrette Blount getting his being invigorated by the Lord before the Super Bowl against the Patriots.


Nigel Bradham

Bradham was all over the goddamn field last night. If the pylons go around the world, as Jim Nantz so keenly pointed out to Tony Romo, who correctly insisted that Cam Newton’s Superman dive into the end zone wouldn’t be declared a touchdown, then so does Nigel Bradham. Just draw a line from where he lines up and wrap it around our great planet. Just when you think an opposing player is going to get around the edge, there comes Bradham, the human latitude, to bring him down. He was all over the field, and made several key stops, as pointed out by Kevin earlier. Just a studly game. The Eagles’ linebackers are so quick and close gaps so well, what a pure pleasure to watch. Highly enjoyable. The same goes for Mychal Kendricks, who was chasing down everybody out there.


Doug Pederson

I’m far from ready to admit defeat on Pederson. I still feel that he has displayed a lack of fundamental logic and fear that he will cost the Eagles close games, against elite competition, with bad decisions. However, his scheming is excellent. He has drawn up different game plans each week, and the offense has clearly progressed since Week 1. These aren’t flukes. The Eagles have added a consistent running attack as well as over-the-top throws and timing routes to their arsenal. They are now able to move the ball effectively in a variety of ways. Doug is really good at this. He also has every player working their tails off for him. Those guys enjoy playing, and they enjoy playing for him. Even his fist pump is sound:

Solid 7.

It’s not quite Lavs or Jay Wright, but really well done, and unique. Like his offense. It’s a little bit rhythmic, oh shit we’re going quad box, and, if we’re being honest, feels a bit sexual in its increasing intensity. But it contains real emotion and a bit of swagger that you typically don’t expect to see from Crusher.

His balls to go for two after the penalty were also admirable. Risky, but admirable. I appreciate his conviction… and how heated he got here:

Get ’em.


LeGarrette Blount

I was wrong about him.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast for the rest.



No idea how it wasn’t broken.



The Eagles are having it. In spades.

The Eagles are firing on all cylinders. From their respectful and positive anthem protest, to their positive baseball celebration, to these locker room antics, it’s clear that Jeffrey Lurie has brought emotional intelligence back and in a big way. It wasn’t just lip service– it’s actually happening. And it’s good to see.


Lurie high five

I can watch this all day. He may be emotionally intelligent, but Lurie doles out tactile congratulations like a blind man taking a number to get in line. He is an awkward man, but his players seem to like him and so you can’t argue with that.

Also, I’m pretty sure Howie Roseman pushing Brandon Graham is the most hardass thing he has ever done. Last night may have been the best night of his life, a giant F U to the league while earning the adoration of Nantz and Romo.



He’s great. Perfect? No. He has a lot to learn as a broadcaster, but his enthusiasm is great and he knows what he’s talking about, perhaps more so than any current announcer, perhaps because he played against many of these players.


from Crossing Broad


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