How did the Philadelphia Eagles finish in previous 4-1 season starts?

As the whole city of Philadelphia, most likely the entire state of Pennsylvania, and probably the entire country already knows, the Birds are 4-1 and at the top of the division, conference, and league.  They are one of four teams with one loss in the NFC alongside the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, and Carolina Panthers.  The AFC has one team with one loss, the Denver Broncos, and an undefeated team, the Kansas City Chiefs.  One could say the Eagles are a top six team in the league right now, but it’s still early and anything can happen in the long NFL season.  Let’s take a look at how the Eagles fared in the last five seasons they started 4-1.
2014 (10-6)
In Chip Kelly’s second year, the team got off to a 4-1 start, and eventually a 9-3 start, until faltering to a 10-6 record.  The team missed out on the playoffs.  This marked the beginning of the end of the Chip Kelly era in Philly.
2006 (10-6)
This was the year Donovan McNabb got injured after leading the team to a 5-5 record, starting 4-1.  Jeff Garc

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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