Game two is a must win for the Philadelphia Eagles

Now I completely understand that a week two game in the NFL season hardly qualifies as a must win ever. Year in and year out, teams are still finding their stride in week two and they are still trying to find chemistry in order to make a playoff push. This year, however, it is a little different for the Philadelphia Eagles. A young team that is on the rise, needs to show the rest of the NFL they are for real. A week one win was impressive on the road but the week two contest in Kansas City is a must win for these Eagles.
Two straight road victories to start the season and the Philadelphia Eagles would have a huge advantage in the NFC East. Not only would they already have a victory in the division but they also would have a victory on the road against one of the NFL’s best teams, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are coming off an impressive 2016 season, where they finished as the AFC West champions and a number two seed in the playoffs. For the Chiefs, a Super Bowl appearance is a very attainable goal and

from Yardbarker: Philadelphia Eagles


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